Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Matt & Kayla Wedding

When I woke up the morning of the wedding..I almost screamed. First off..I had never done a temple wedding before. Secondly, I had never done a wedding in a snow storm either! I was so nervous but had to keep confident. When I arrived at the temple, Kayla & Matt were inside for the sealing. While waiting..I kept seeing bride after bride come through the doors SOAKED from pictures outside. Hair a mess & make up running. I was SO thankful to have remembered my umbrella! By the time Matt & Kayla came out, I had already chatted with another photographer who told me that she was going to be doing pictures in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. So, I followed the idea & took the group inside for pictures. We were also able to get a few outside without getting everyone soaked. Overall, I think it turned out great.

& they lived Happily Ever After.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trisha Bell-Long Bridals

Trisha Bell-Long

This girl is so stinkin cute! She was struttin that dress around like she was a model; & she was a model! We had the most incredible day for pictures. The weather was perfect. The leaves were perfect. The sky was perfect. The bride..was perfect! You know how most brides are called "bridezilla" so close to the wedding? Well Mrs.Trisha was so incredibly calm. She had no worries whatsoever when it came to her dress. She even let us take her to Denney's after for pancake puppies & hot chocolate! love her.